Songs of the Woods

"Songs of the Woods" is a collection of 12 original catchy tunes and eclectic lyrics about little known facts about common wildlife animals found all around us and is enjoyable and informative for both the young and adult.

The Peninsula Python

"The Peninsula Python" (The true saga of what happened in the summer of 1944 when a python escaped from a traveling circus and "terrorized" inhabitants of the small village in Northeast Ohio.

Songs of the Woods Too

"Songs of the Woods Too" is a quirky but educational collection of songs about common wildlife and plants such as: Woodpeckers, Gray Squirrels, Salamanders, Chipmunks, Raccoons, Lichen and Poison Ivy, just to name a few.

Songs of the Woods, Only Footprints

"Songs of the Woods, Only Footprints" is a collection of songs about Groundhogs, Walking Sticks, Frog Sounds, Black Bears, Grasshoppers, Turtles, Chickadees and American Bald Eagles to name a few.