What others are saying! (about the CDs & "Songs and Tails from the Woods" nature happening)

"Fun, Entertaining & Educational! This is a wonderful CD from start to finish. Each track takes the listener on a new adventure, discovering fun facts about characters in nature that too often go unnoticed. The melody, lyrics, vocal rendition and instrumental work, on each tune fits the subject matter perfectly in a way that makes it enjoyable and interesting for kids of all ages. Be prepared, some of these are “song worms” that burrow in and keep you singing them over and over again." Jan H

"Don't Need No Stinkin' Camouflage is outstanding. What do your grandchildren think? Were they your test group?" Adam G.

"So much more than congratulations are due you Sam! You persevered to achieve a dream, a worthy goal. I'm blessed from having you pass through my life journey; just imagine the blessings the wee ones will experience through your dedicated accomplishment! Thank You Lord!" Delise M.

"Sam, I just bought the CD, and it is FABULOUS!! So well done! Love it love it love it!!! So well done! You should be so proud of this." Lisa R.

"What a wonderful collection of memorable songs and educational as well. Well done!" Peter R.

"Proud of you, Sam.... What an accomplishment!" Connie N.

"Jo Ann and I listened to it on the way home, and also enjoyed it. The lyrics provide of lot of information about the critters---quite creative, and children will love it." Pat B.

"Fun ! Fun Fun!" Sarah K.

"I enjoyed your CD all the way home ; and then some." Judith M.

"Awesome project Sam! You have created a masterpiece! You rock brother." Alan D.

"Fun project, a learning experience and GREAT CD! Thanks for your dedication and vision." Martha W.

"Great musicianship! Perfect for in the car listening. The variety of music styles much appreciated. Should be sold around the park system." Kathleen

"Seeing your project go from an idea to reality is inspiring to me Sam. From emails, to Panera meetings over lyrics and recordings, to being introduced to new and very talented people, and now a celebration... just amazing and I am filled with so much joy! Lots of fun and so much to share! I just have one question... when do we get to work on volume 2?" Sarah M.

"You are the BEST! Thank you for bringing so much joy! "Pat R.

"What a talent and so enjoying listening to your nature music." Marsha P.

"My grandchildren won't let me turn your latest CD off and are actually remembering some of the cool facts. When is #2?" Jean B.

"Music and education, it's wonderful." Helen F.

"Such fun, found out so much about animals." Janet P.

"Your lyrics are so informative and the tunes are wonderful, I along with my grandchildren love it. When's the next one?" Carol B.

"Your song are so upbeat and entertaining." Francis T.

"Excellent, informative, interesting." Janet H.

"Very upbeat and entertaining." Sue S.

"Loved the energy and interaction with nature." Becky G.

"Seeing and touching really keeps the kids interested." Jack G.

"Just wonderful." Mary W.

"The combination of music, instruments, lyrics, and movement made the program so engaging." Diane F.

"My kids will be 'Boom Chick'ing for days. Such a great program!" Mary B. F.

"I learned so much and so entertaining as well.” Phylis. H.

“Sarah does such a great job with the little ones.” Bonnie. J.

Akron Beacon Journal

Sam Sapp is making sweet music about slugs, beavers, toads, bats, butterflies, opossums and fireflies.

Volunteer naturalist Sapp, 66, of East Akron is the man behind Songs of the Woods, an eclectic collection of fact-filled lyrics and music about Mother Nature.

There are 12 songs on the CD and in the 30-page songbook, all written and composed by Sapp, who also plays the mountain dulcimer on the songs.

His lyrics inform listeners that slugs leave a slime trail of fibrous goo, toads rarely drink and absorb water through their skins, owls hunt mainly at night by sound, the bumblebees’ buzz is a middle C note and possums have 50 teeth.

His lyrics include such $5 words as echo-location, metamorphosis and bioluminescence. Not your typical musical lyrics.

“Yes, it’s educational, but I’m very pleased with the results,” he said. “It’s already a success in my mind.”

Songs of the Woods is aimed primarily at school-age students and makes great campfire tunes and singalongs, said Sapp, a frequent volunteer naturalist at Summit Metro Parks’ Seiberling Nature Realm.

He started out envisioning that the project would produce a few nature songs for his grandchildren.

He writes the lyrics first and then fits the music in to fit, he said.

Putting the lyrics and the music together has been a two-year project, said Sapp, who retired in 2010 from the pharmaceutical business after 36 years. He has logged 2,000 volunteer hours as a naturalist.

His Songs of the Woods was released in March. It can also be downloaded at iTunes.

Sapp credits local singer- songwriter Jan Hammond for pushing him to write Songs of the Woods.

He checked with naturalist Sarah Matheny on the animal facts he was using. Dave Kovach helped design the songbook.

Sapp said his favorite song is Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Camouflage! It is an ode to the striped skunk, and that song generally “resonates a lot with kids,” said Sapp, who directed youth programs for 20 years at the Goodyear Heights Presbyterian Church.

He said he is toying with the idea of doing a similar recording on insect sounds.

Sapp said he has been asked by a Peninsula group to pen a song to the infamous Peninsula python before July’s festival in northern Summit County.

In 1944, there were newspaper accounts of a giant python or several pythons escaping from a circus train and terrorizing Peninsula.

Doing such a python tune “will be fun ... and a challenge,” he said.

For more information, go to www.sammytunes.com.

Sam Sapp plays his mountain dulcimer at his Akron home. Sapp, who is retired and a volunteer naturalist at the Summit Metro Parks, has written and recorded a songbook and CD.

ED SUBA JR./Akron Beacon Journal photos

The new songbook and CD describing local animals is entitled Songs of the Woods and is available on iTunes.

Akron Beacon Journal

Musical program

You can learn about Mother Nature through original songs by Summit Metro Parks volunteer Sam Sapp.

He will direct a musical program for youngsters from 2 to 3:30 p.m. Sunday at the Seiberling Nature Realm, 1828 Smith Road, Akron.

Sapp was taking mountain dulcimer lessons in 2012 when he was challenged to write a few songs for his grandchildren.

He wrote fact-filled songs about common animals found in the woods. Those songs developed into a song book and then a compact disc with 12 original songs. It is called Songs of the Woods.

His musical subjects include skunks, beavers, toads, bats, butterflies, opossums and fireflies.

His lyrics inform listeners that slugs leave a slime trail of fibrous goo, owls hunt mainly at night by sound, the bumblebees’ buzz is a middle C note and possums have 50 teeth.

Sapp, who lives in East Akron, directed youth programs for 20 years at the Goodyear Heights Presbyterian Church. He has logged 2,000 hours as a park volunteer naturalist since he retired from the pharmaceutical business.