Sam lives with his wife Anne in NE Ohio. He is a singer/songwriter, mountain dulcimer player and Ohio Certified Volunteer Naturalist. He volunteers at the Cuyahoga National Park and Summit County Metro Parks enjoying the outdoors and associated wildlife. In retirement, Sam started composing music about local fauna and flora and the project took on a life of it's own. He has recorded 3 CDs entitled "Songs of the Woods," "Songs of the Woods Too," and "Songs of the Woods Only Footprints." Music samples can be listened to by selecting the LINK BELOW or in the AUDIO section.

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Songs of the Woods & Songs of the Woods Too



These tunes are filled with fun fact lyrics about common woodland creatures. Animals and plants like red foxes, toads, fireflies, Monarch butterflies, spiders, skunks, squirrels, chipmunks, beavers, woodchucks, lichens and poison ivy, Frogs, black bears, bald Eagles, chickadees are examined through Sam's eye in a lyrical and musical fashion.

This musical odyssey would not have been possible without the help from some very creative and talented individuals. Namely, singer/songwriter/musicians Jan Hammond, Michael Grady, Catherine Grady, graphic artist Dave Kovach, and freelance naturalist Sarah Matheny. To all I am grateful.


All are available for download or listening on popular streaming sites including YouTube, Amazon music, and CD Baby. CDs may be purchased on or autographed copies directly from Sam. For further information about my CDs leave a message on the CONTACT page.


If you live in Summit County, Ohio you can purchase my music through Summit Metro Parks Seiberling Nature Realm Gift Shop or Email Sam directly at